Future Oriented

SF Global Holdings is proud to introduce a Contigo Michoacán Prepaid Debit MasterCard, a Prepaid Debit card that designed primarily for immigrants from the Mexican state of Michoacán living in the United States.

Obtain a Bank account and Prepaid debit card at no monthly cost* and send remittances to Mexico at a low cost via the Michoacán Contigo application.

The beneficiary in Michoacán or other payout location can receive remittances in the traditional cash form or receive remittances on their Banco Azteca account, Guadatito or Monarca MasterCard.

S-F Global Holding partners, Banco Azteca, Elektra and AMUCSS , have over 30 million customers in Mexico and pay out 40% of Mexico’s $26 billion in remittances.

The prepaid debit card’s purpose is to serve underbanked immigrants in the United States and create a financially inclusive option for immigrant communities living in the United States and their friends and families in Mexico.