Game Changer

Our transnational financial technology approach seeks to revolutionize underserve communities all over the world. We work directly hand by hand with people at a grassroots level. Every tool and service we provide is carefully analyzed by think tankers and developed by technology wizards top in their field of work.

Mentioned below are some of the financial platforms and features ready at the tip of your hands:

-Low Cost Remitances any where in the world
-Direct Deposit
-Free Debit Card with Bank Account
-Contigo App
-Easy sign up process
-No need of social security number
-Sign up with any government issued identification
-Free Saving account

Optional services already installed for your convenience:

-Payroll for employers and employees
-Migrant Saving Bond
-Migrant Retirement Plan

Future Projects:

-Government subsidy payments
-Rural financial inclusion through the Social Switch
-QR Code Mobile Payments