A Sustainable Social Impact Company

Our Mission

We focus on the development and implementation of innovative low-cost, secure and accessible financial services for immigrants and people in home countries who otherwise would not have access to banking services.

Our Service

We set-up a full-service technology financial platform for online remittances. We provide a web portal and mobile app, and undertake the complete marketing campaign. We issue private label MasterCard® branded debit cards.

Our Vision

We are building a future-oriented technology platform for artificial intelligence, blockchain and data analysis within legal banking channels for low cost financial inclusion for the financially and technologically challenged.

Contigo Michoacán Free Banking Low-Cost Global Remittances

Apply with any Mexican government issued ID card.

Financial Inclusion Product with Advanced Technology Contigo Michoacán Debit Card + Mobile App.

Mobile Wallet App

Managing Money Reimagined

Accessible Technology

Apply with any Mexican government issued ID card and with no need of a US social Security number.

Instantly Available

The App allows for instant issuing of Prepaid Debit Card within seconds that can be used for cash and direct deposit.


Family members in Mexico can receive Banco Azteca’s Guardadito Card and send remittances instantly.

Lowest Price

Send remittances at the lowest cost. Less than $5 per remittance.


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Michoacan Mexico

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